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We warmly welcome you to come join with Christ Lutheran Church for this special worship service.
God’s intervenes in history to save people. He did so when He liberated the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt 3500 years ago. For centuries God’s people have gathered annually for a special meal to remember that deliverance. The exodus deliverance ultimately foreshadowed how Jesus would save His people from the slavery of sin.

On the Thursday of Holy Week Jesus celebrated His last Passover Feast with His disciples. There He fulfilled the Passover by instituting The Lord’s Supper which commemorates His death and resurrection, as well as gives Christians personal assurance of being set free from sin.

In order that we might better understand the saving acts of God, and comprehend Christ’s Supper in light of its historical roots, we will celebrate Holy Communion on this night in a form of the Exodus Seder. We will gather to remember together, to worship together, to eat together some traditional foods, and to celebrate together. Please join us.

For more information on this service, please email us here.