The Crucifixion of Christ

What is Crucifixion? In secular history, crucifixion is first mentioned as being used by the Persian Empire about 600 B.C. This ancient form of capital punishment brought about a cruel, shameful, and painful death. A person's arms and feet were ...

August 17, 2022|Faith|


A Beautiful Privilege For a Christian, prayer is a beautiful thing. We are not speaking to just an impersonal force or a deaf idol. We are not trying to appease God or earn His love for us by our prayers. ...

June 23, 2022|Faith|

“Do Not Cry.” Luke 7:13

It was a heart-wrenching situation. A woman had lost her husband some time ago, and now her only son had died. Friends were carrying the body on a burial cot followed by the grief-stricken woman and many friends and neighbors ...

April 5, 2022|"Jesus Said"|


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