Young sisters reading the bible togetherJesus commended both the receiving-trust of children and their uninhibited praise of God. We seek to do the same.

For children, the most vital ministry with far-reaching life-impact, is worship — worship with, and in the presence of, adults whom they look up to. Our worship services focus on how Jesus continues coming to every person of every age with His life-giving gifts, just as He came to needy children and adults while He walked this earth.

We conduct our worship services with every age in mind, this includes children. We seek to help them comprehend God’s beautiful love for them, learn the blessings of being honest about sin, and assure them of God’s complete forgiveness and eternal salvation in Jesus.

In our worship, we include a message geared for children and simple-message songs that children can understand. On occasion small percussion instruments are made available for young children during worship songs. Key Bible passages are said on a regular basis by all ages, and so God’s Word is hidden in our hearts over time. And we provide home devotional tools that sync with our worship services to help the faith-life of all ages of the family.

Kids Time

With age appropriate classes, we help all children grow in their understanding of the Bible, and most importantly in gaining an ever-increasing thankfulness for all that Jesus did and continues to do for them.

On occasion, we also provide special events, outings, or projects that provide fellowship, growth and service opportunities.

Jesus loves children. We do, too! We would be honored to serve your family by helping you provide a grace-and-love-focused foundation for your children during their most formative years.