Throughout His ministry, Jesus showed Himself to be God’s Son, especially in the hundreds of miracles He preformed. He also called Himself God’s only begotten Son, and claimed to be equal with His Father in heaven. In addition, He spoke to everyone with unquestioning authority. This included challenging every single person to examine their actions, attitudes and motives – to recognize how they dishonored God deep within their own hearts. He said that no one could be restored to God except through His mercy. Most of the religious leaders of His day hated His claims and teaching – which did not fit into their self-righteousness beliefs. They took offense at Jesus and convinced themselves that He was a fraud and false teacher, and this offered them grounds for killing Him. They attempted to do just that on several occasions. Their latest failed attempt was picking up stones to stone Him to death, but He escaped their grasp because, as the Bible puts it, “His time had not yet come.” But not long after this, Jesus actually announced His soon-approaching death. And He made it clear to His listeners that He was not going to resist it even though it was extremely troubling to think of facing it – especially since He did not deserve it in the least. In the hearing of others, He said, “Now My soul is deeply troubled and what should I pray? ‘Father, save Me from this hour’? No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour! Father, glorify Your name.” Jesus knew the reason for His coming to earth – to live a perfect life that could be offered as an atoning sacrifice for your sin and my sin. Only He could do this. And He did do it – because He loves us! He was also being obedient to His Heavenly Father’s will to rescue mankind. His death glorified God. How? In the most profound way possible, Jesus’ death displays God’s love, mercy, and grace. His death was demeaning and soul-agonizing beyond our comprehension – even so, He faced it for you and me. He loves us that deeply.