Handwriting on the Wall Do you wish you could turn back the clock a bit on how your body is working? I do. It's disheartening to experience wear and tear in our bodies, especially as we age – wrinkles, sags, ...

March 23, 2023|Faith|


Background The earliest Christians had Jewish backgrounds, which involved the annual celebration of Passover – the remembrance of how, through the blood of a Passover lamb, God rescued His people from Egyptian slavery. The offering of the Passover lamb and ...

February 24, 2023|Faith|


In Trouble? If you are driving down a steep, curvy mountain road and your brakes all of a sudden give out, you are in trouble. If you learn that a huge tsunami is headed for the small island that you ...

January 19, 2023|Faith|

Who is Jesus?

God?  Man?  Yes! Who is Jesus? Jesus is everything you and I need Him to be. Hopefully, we are good with that, because that is truly good news! The Jesus we are talking about is “Jesus the Christ” of the Bible. Christ ...

December 27, 2022|Faith|

How does Christian Faith give Freedom?

Faith is a Given Everyone exercises faith – the store will honor its policy, my boss will pay me, this bridge will hold up, the pilot will land this place safely, the other drivers will stay on their side of the road, etc., ...

November 28, 2022|Faith|

Sin? Yes, Indeed!

Why?    Why is it?  Why do I worry? Why am I impatient or anxious? Why do I hold grudges? Why do I subtly react negatively to people who have disappointed me or offended me? Why do I try to justify subtle ...

October 20, 2022|Faith|

The Crucifixion of Christ

What is Crucifixion? In secular history, crucifixion is first mentioned as being used by the Persian Empire about 600 B.C. This ancient form of capital punishment brought about a cruel, shameful, and painful death. A person's arms and feet were ...

August 17, 2022|Faith|


A Beautiful Privilege For a Christian, prayer is a beautiful thing. We are not speaking to just an impersonal force or a deaf idol. We are not trying to appease God or earn His love for us by our prayers. ...

June 23, 2022|Faith|


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