When Jesus first began His ministry many people responded positively to His healing, miracles, and His teaching about right and wrong. But now Jesus began to speak of everyone’s personal need for Him. He called Himself the Bread of Life that had come down from heaven. He said that He would have to give His life for the world. He said that unless a person received His flesh and blood given for them, they would have no true inner life – their soul would remain dead. This was more than nice teachings or miracles that promoted better life on earth. This implied that every single person had a spiritual problem that only Jesus could solve. Most of the people responded, “What He says is hard to accept. Who wants to listen to Him anymore?” Jesus replied, “Life is spiritual. Your physical existence doesn’t give your soul it’s life. The words which I have spoken are spirit and they are life.” Jesus’ words about Himself have a power no other words in this world have. They are spirit. They are life. They break through our pride and stubborn wills. They point to His sacrifice for us and our desperate need for it. His words alone revive our dead souls and awaken them to rejoice in the God who made us for Himself. Are you and I listening, embracing, and rejoicing in Jesus’ words to us?