Jesus was addressing a crowd of people. He pointed out that most people were rejecting His teaching because it didn’t fit their own “spiritual wisdom and knowledge” that they were so proud of. Some of them completely denied any need for God. Many believed that because of their own efforts they were earning a good standing before God. Jesus told them that rejecting Him for any reason would only end with God’s judgement. Then Jesus prayed out loud for all to hear. He thanked the Heavenly Father for the child-like hearts that were willing to believe what He was revealing to them. He could reveal what no one else could. He knew the Heavenly Father intimately. The very fact that Jesus had come into the world to proclaim good news and heal thousands was to show that God’s heart was one of compassion, mercy, and love. Without that understanding of God, no one would ever find peace with God or be spiritually at rest. Instead they would always feel the heavy loads of guilt and doubt. Jesus came to die in our place for all our sin, to remove our guilt, to give us a sure standing before God – because of His goodness, not ours. Jesus said to the crowd, “Come to Me, all you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.” In Jesus, you and I find true rest for our souls. Every other path or philosophy we might trust only leaves us with subtle, nagging doubt.