It’s not always easy trusting God in difficult times, but it’s important. Let’s go over why we need to trust in Him no matter what we’re experiencing in life.

What Does it Mean to Trust God?

Trusting God is having faith in Him, believing in Him, and having confidence in Him and His ability. It’s relying on God with our lives, situations, and circumstances. When you trust someone, you believe what they say, and you have confidence that they’ll do what they say.

But is trusting God easy? If you’re going through a rough patch in life, you may find it becoming a little difficult.

Why is it Important to Trust God?

Life is like a roller coaster. There are times when you’re up, enjoying the ride, and everything is going great. But then, there are times when your world flips.

Trusting God is easy when things are going your way. But when things get rough, doubt can sometimes creep in. And before you know it, you’re blaming Him for all the unfortunate things happening to you. The thing is – when we are going through hard times, we tend to be so consumed with sorrow that we disregard everything else. After all, it’s easier to curl up in a ball, stop living life to the fullest, and hide away.

But when life gets rough, you need to turn towards God, not away from Him. Why? Because He’s got us. It might not feel good or look like there’s a way for things to work out, but when we continue to put our trust in Him, He never lets us down.

Benefits of Trusting God in Difficult Times

When we trust God in difficult times, we can stand to gain so much. Here are some benefits you can reap.

It Brings Peace

Life can get hard. But knowing God will never leave us is something that can bring peace. “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed” Deuteronomy 31:8. Trusting in Him unlocks peace and a sense of calm that will help you through your toughest times.

It Provides Direction

When the roller coaster of life throws you threw a loop, it can be hard to know which way is up. But trusting in God will provide the direction you need. By relying on His wisdom and direction, He shields us from our fallible perspective and the opinions of others.

It Strengthens Our Faith

At the end of the day: things will get better. God will show you that. So when we ride through the waves with Him, we come out on the other side with strengthened faith. Just like trust in relationships between your friends or spouse, it is cultivated and grows. Strengthened faith is cultivated and a product of witnessing His unwavering faithfulness through the fulfillment of His promises.

How to Trust God in Difficult Times

It can be challenging, but it can be done. If you’re struggling, here are some things you can do to grow in faith, even in hard times.

Trust in God’s Word

God does not go back on His word. All throughout the Bible, there are stories of how He keeps to His word. Go through the Bible and be reminded of the promises He’s kept. It will give you comfort as well as squash any doubt you have.

Be Patient

Of course, God has good intentions for us, is fully capable, and, as we said, has shown us His results throughout the Bible. His credibility is proven. But sometimes, we want our problems to be solved on our time.

It can be hard, but it’s important to stay patient. God will not act when we want Him to but when He needs to. Just like a mother or father, He has good intentions for His children. You just need to trust in Him and His timing.

Be Courageous

Courage doesn’t mean the absence of fear. Rather, it’s about soldering on despite any fear. When life gets hard, this is what God wants us to do. He doesn’t give us trials to break our spirit, but to strengthen us.

Attend Church Service

Another way to trust in God – lean on your church family. Going to service and being with your congregation will show you that He is there with you.

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